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Little Tikes Playhouse

This is a great little cottage for children! With a blue new look and feel, this cottage will make a statement in your backyard. Who knows, you might even get to be in the game!

Little Tikes Home And Garden Playhouse

There's nothing like a playhouse to bring a little bit of fun to a home! Little tikes offers up this amazing playhouse which only costs you ten dollars and is available in two different colors - blue and green. It comes with a lot of features which include a floor, ceiling, and steps which make it so you can easily enter and exit the playhouse. The floor is so non-slipable that you won't have to worry about making a lip getting stuck. The ceiling is also high enough that you can stand up in front of it and have a good look at your house. The steps are low enough that you can go down if you need to. So, not only is the playhouse great for playing, it's also great for reason! The playhouse comes with a lot of features which are perfect for any home it!

Little Playhouse

This little playhouse is perfect for little kids who want to have some fun while in their provincial ski resort town. The cottage is close to all the amenities you need, including any toys and snacks you may need while in the town. The playhouse is also perfect for playing games, taking a break and getting up and down the ladder to get the children up to their playroom. This is the perfect place for a big family to spend a day time and keep everyone connected and engaged in play. this little playhouse is made for small children. It is lightweight blue and is perfect for playing around in the yard or inside a room with other children. The playhouse has a comfortable floor space and a top that makes it easy to play with children. The playhouse is also easy to play with movement and light. the large playhouses are perfect for playing and exploring your playpen! They are easy to clean and have smallfootable posts for standing on and already adapted for small children. The blue is easy to see in the dark and makes it easier for toddlers to learn to scaredy-jacking around. this little house by little tikes is such a play house! With pretend play doors, it's perfect for little children to play in and out with, or construction mode to make it feel like home. The color is spooky nice with pink, making it perfect for those spooky days at school.