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Princess Palace Playhouse

This princess playhouse is perfect for children who want to have a playhouse during winter time. This playhouse can hold around 10-12 children, and can be converted into a home for play for those who want to relax and enjoy their winter time.

Ecr4kids Jumbo Princess Palace Playhouse

The ecr4kids jumbo pipeline playhouse is the perfect place for your ecr4kids to experience everything that is good in play structures and more. With multiple rooms and levels to explore, this play house is perfect for your ecr4kids. the play house is made with a variety of rocks, sandals, and other accessories to keep your ecr4kids entertained. The play house is also large enough to host multiple play structures with each of them having their own restroom and entertaining area.

Palace Playhouse

The palace playhouse is the perfect place for your child to explore their imagination to the fullest. With two large rooms, a large floor space, and an outdoor area, this playhouse will allow your child to explore their dreams and goals. Plus, the blue color will make it easy to coordinate with their favorite toys and games. this jumbo princess playhouse is the perfect answer to your children's growing needs for a large indoor playpen and tent. With multipletexture and color choices, this playhouse also provides a comfortable and safe environment for your children to play. this playhouse is the perfect way to enjoy a day at the palace with your friends. With its cute princess castle and pink tent, you'll have a blast playing in this fun playhouse. this jumbo castle playhouse is the perfect solution for your large kids play tent. With it, you can have an inner and outer castle with doors and windows to let your children play and explore. The hexagon playhouse also has a large pool andiltration system to keep your children clean and healthy.