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Pee Wee Playhouse Cowboy Curtis

This pee wees playhouse cowboy curtis matchbox figure is from the vintage 1988 new pee wees playhouse figure line. He is a great addition to any home as he is well made and has a great personality. This pee wees playhouse figure is approximately 5. 5 lbs and is made in the usa.

Cheap Pee Wee Playhouse Cowboy Curtis

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Pee Wee Playhouse Cowboy Curtis Walmart

The pee wees playhouse is a playhouse that was designed to keep the little ones entertained. The playhouse has a magic screen that allows the parents to watch their children's plays in a safe and secure environment. The pajamas are also small enough to be taken away on a go-along. this is a 1988 pee wee hermans playhouse matchbox toy figure new unopened. It is an old toy from the 1990s and has some wear and tear. The toy is unused and is in new condition. this 1988 pee wees playhouse single wiggles is a great example of a 1988 pee wees playhouse single wigle. It has the single wigle and the brand new curtis brand it has always been a favorite of ours. The color is normal for that age group and the just beautiful red and green color scheme with the "curtis" symbol on the head is a amazing addition to any cowboy. this neca playhouse cowboy curtis 5 figure reissue figure is sure to make a statement in any room! He has a warm personality and a play house feel to him, making him perfect for a child's or adult's bedroom. This playhouse cowboy is dressed in red and green make-up, with a white tee and blue jeans, making him a perfect addition to any room. Onto his sides with a smile on his face, this playhouse cowboy is sure to add a touch of fun and excitement to any room.