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Diy Cardboard Cat Playhouse

This simple yet efficient cardboard cat play house is a great way to keep your cat entertained and safe. The house is easy to make with a few simple steps, and it can be customized to whatever style you desire.

Cat Cardboard Playhouse

If you're in the market for a fun and stylish cardboard playhouse, then check out our latest selection! Our cat playhouse is perfect for kids who are interested in keeping their pet cat around without too much trouble. Best of all, it's able to be customized to fit any size of playhouse of your choice. Let us help you choose the perfect one for your family.

Heart To Tail Holiday Cat Scratching Playhouse

This playhouse is perfect for your 16. 5 cat! It easy to set up and collapse, and it's h-shaped so it's perfect for around the house or the pool. The cardboard is also beautiful and soft to the touch, perfect for hiding things from your feline friend. Plus, there's plenty of space for them to play and learn. this little play house for cats is perfect for when they get to feel small and cramped inside a real house. It's easy to make and you can make it in 16. 5 minutes with this simple guide. this little playhouse is made of 16. 5 cat cardboard that you canfold and play in your home or office. It has a comfortable design with multiple sleeping and playing positions for your cat. The scritchings and scratching post will make your cat feel loved and special while you’re away. The play house is also easy to clean with just a simple care book. this playhouse is a great way to keep your cat in good spirits while you're out of town and away from them. The cedar and straw wood structure make it look like it's right out of a postcard, while the straworiginally built as a loft to keep a cat in (and sometimes dog as well), this playhouse has since been used as a makeshift bedroom for your furry friend. There's a comfortable surface to lay on to rest, a doorskirt hanger for attaching to your balcony, and a small, modern controls choice (or not) to choose from. Although it doesn't have a door, ioi offers a quick and easy option to add an extra door.